Do you ever think about yourself as an average guy, stuck in a boring life, with an average job and with no perspectives for a better future?
I do. I did. Often.

It’s time to introduce myself

I was born and raised in Krakow in, Poland, in 1982. Now I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where we moved with my wife, 15 years ago.  This was a big decision, with a big consequences, a pivotal moment in my life. With only one backpack, £200 borrowed in my pocket and big dreams, I was […]

The Carnivore diet.

I am giving a carnivore diet a go. It’s becoming trendy, and sooner or later, one of my clients will ask me about it. And as there is no better way of learning about a new subject than jumping head in, I am on it! The carnivore diet concept sounds like a bloke’s dream; you […]

How to train for 10km Swim – Marathon Swim Training Programme

10k swim training

Ok, this is how you train for 10K swim. Ready? Let’s go. As you probably know, I’m in training for 10K race. I haven’t done 10K before. This is kind of new for me and I am going to share my experience and share my journey with you. I will be recording most of my […]

Sometimes I wish…

personal trainer

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those famous trainers who put their clients on a strict diet and hard-core training schedule, who add a tone of supplements and sometimes, a pinch of anabolics. Three months later, and it’s done; easy money.  Who else wants an Instagram worth six-pack for the price of their […]