I bet you dont know this about me…

I’m 24 years old.  I’m standing on the platform with £200 in my pocket, a small backpack and a girl I love next to me. I am about to embark on a journey to the other side of Europe, to the land famous for its elusive haggis and constant rain. Im scared and excited at […]

Fitness Training for the 35 Plus Crowd: How to Workout Like a Grown-Up

Listen up, kids, because it’s time to talk about fitness training for the over-35 crowd. Sure, we might not be as spry as we used to be, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still get our sweat on. This blog post will explore how to work out like a grown-up and why fitness training for […]

Scottish Winter Swimming Championships

I have signed up for Winter Swimming Championships. The race will occur in February, in Loch Tay in Scottish Highlands. I have swam in this lake before, and that water is always freezing, dark and not really inviting, even in summer. It is going to be a cold one as wetsuits are not allowed. I […]

Fitness After 40

They say that age is only a number. I agree, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. In the last ten years, I have met with a couple of dozens of 30 years olds who looked and sounded like 50 olds. And I also met a few 60 years old who looked and behaved much younger and would put […]

What’s Your Goal?

I’ve raced multiple ironman and extreme triathlons, yet I have never had a visible six-pack. I’ve played in the first-team handball division in  Poland – yet I was never ripped. One year I came top 16 in the Polish squash championship, but my body fat percentage was never below 10% So why do I boast about my sports achievements? , […]