Scottish Winter Swimming Championships

I have signed up for Winter Swimming Championships. The race will occur in February, in Loch Tay in Scottish Highlands. I have swam in this lake before, and that water is always freezing, dark and not really inviting, even in summer. It is going to be a cold one as wetsuits are not allowed. I […]

Fitness After 40

They say that age is only a number. I agree, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. In the last ten years, I have met with a couple of dozens of 30 years olds who looked and sounded like 50 olds. And I also met a few 60 years old who looked and behaved much younger and would put […]

What’s Your Goal?

I’ve raced multiple ironman and extreme triathlons, yet I have never had a visible six-pack. I’ve played in the first-team handball division in  Poland – yet I was never ripped. One year I came top 16 in the Polish squash championship, but my body fat percentage was never below 10% So why do I boast about my sports achievements? , […]


Do you ever think about yourself as an average guy, stuck in a boring life, with an average job and with no perspectives for a better future?
I do. I did. Often.

It’s time to introduce myself

I was born and raised in Krakow in, Poland, in 1982. Now I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where we moved with my wife, 15 years ago.  This was a big decision, with a big consequences, a pivotal moment in my life. With only one backpack, £200 borrowed in my pocket and big dreams, I was […]