Best Podcasts

Those are the podcast straight from my Stitcher favourites lists. You will find here a mix of humour, storytelling, superb guests and a bit of sport and history!


The Joe Rogan Experience 

Probably the most popular podcast in the world. Because of his popularity, Rogan gets to sit with great guests, and if you can endure through 3h+ episodes, you can learn a lot! Skip the first 10 min tho; it is just the adds.

And yes, Rogan can be annoying from time to time, especially when on weed! ūüôā

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Rich Roll

Rich Roll is ultra endurance guy, vegan and a former swimmer. I like his calm voice and in-depth chats with his guests.

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Hardcore History

This is how history should be taught. Extraordinary (and very long episodes, great for long endurance runs:P)







Babbittville Radio

Bob Babbitt is a Kona legend. Listen if you are into triathlons, Ironman World Championship and endurance sports. 






Your Mom’s House

Proper madhouse. Two stand-up comedians, a couple, talk nonsense for hours. Funny.








Storytelling at its best!






London Real

This was the first podcast I was addicted to, and it is the reason I started recording my show:) 







Tim Ferris

An old favourite. Ferris can be bit dry and way to analytical from time to time, but he meets great people! Highly recommended for all body hackers and fitness fanatics out there.