Best Exercises

My favourite exercises. They are simple, easy to learn and always deliver. Try mixing them, create workout starting with Joint Mobility, followed by swing and TGU and finish with Trifecta.


By far the most important exercise you can do with the kettlebell. It works your hamstring, glutes, posterior chain, lats, grips and it is great cardio too!

Turkish Get Up

When I don’t a lot of time for a workout, I mix swing with Turkish get up. It makes my shoulders bulletproof, and also helps with the core stability and balance.


You can do it with the kettlebell, barbell, or anything else. It will test your cardio to the limits!!!

Advanced Mobility

That’s mine to go warm up before any workouts.


Who needs yoga if you can flow?!

Shoulder Fix

For those moments when my shoulders feel tight and sore, especially after the hard swim session.


The only 3 stretches you will ever need!

Hollow Body

So you do a lot of crunches… how cute! The hollow body will fry your core!

Lower Back Pain Relief


Kettlebell Strength Training 101 For Triathlon