Fitness After 40

They say that age is only a number.
I agree, but it doesn’t apply to everyone.
In the last ten years, I have met with a couple of dozens of 30 years olds who looked and sounded like 50 olds.
And I also met a few 60 years old who looked and behaved much younger and would put a lot of 30 years olds in shame when it comes to fitness, vitality and strength.
Why is that?
I don’t know the definite answer, but there are a few things that young at heart do.
First, they prioritize exercising and an active lifestyle.
Second, they generally eat well and avoid fast foods.
Third, they are curious and eager to learn.
Fourth, they are adventurous, and they are not afraid of trying new things
Fifth, they have a great support network, with partners and friends who motive and encourage them.
Sixth, they invest in themselves.
I also learnt that it is never too late to change if you feel older than your actual age and have no energy and drive.
With a few tweaks here and there, a solid training programme and small lifestyle changes, you can feel stronger and fitter sooner than you think.
You need to start today and take one good step at a time. Build momentum, don’t be afraid to ask for help, and believe in the process.
(And when you see the waterfall, just jump in and don’t pay attention to others who think that you are crazy )