It’s time to introduce myself

I was born and raised in Krakow in, Poland, in 1982. Now I live in Edinburgh, Scotland, where we moved with my wife, 15 years ago.
This was a big decision, with a big consequences, a pivotal moment in my life. With only one backpack, £200 borrowed in my pocket and big dreams, I was forced to rethink and reshape my life.
My English was basic, and the first few years weren’t that great.
Doing jobs I didn’t like, mostly bar and restaurant work; I had a lot of time to think about what I really want. In Poland, I was into handball, hoping to become a pro. It never worked out the way I wanted, and eventually, I’ve switched my focus to squash. I was playing and teaching squash every day, and this is where I’ve got my first paid clients.
My former education is in PE, so I could potentially work in a school with kids. But I prefer work with adults, at least you don’t have to force them to see you 😉
After a few years sting with squash, I’ve got hooked on kettlebells. First, I used them mainly to heal my lower back pain, and then I went all in. Again!
This passion quickly morphed into Edinburgh Kettlebell Club, and next I knew, in 2014, we’d opened the doors to Fitness Soul!
I still love kettlebells, and I use them with clients, but my heart is now with endurance sports. I’ve finished a couple of ironmans, and I am still on the quest to find my limits.
As I coach, I can offer you hands-on 30 years of experience in different sports various methods, all back up by a Master’s Degree and several specific courses and modalities.
These days I focus primarily on longevity, injury prevention and strength. I want my clients to thrive in whatever fitness activity they choose and everyday life.
My holistic approach covers it all, your body, your mind and your soul. I will teach you the best and fastest ways of becoming strong, will guide you in losing unwanted fat, will help you with choosing the right goals. We will also work on your mindset, diet and the best ways to relax and unwind.
If you are interested in working with me, get in touch, and we can have a chat.
Or join me in one of our adventures; cycling, trail running, spearfishing or open water swimming.