Sometimes I wish…

personal trainer

Sometimes I wish I could be one of those famous trainers who put their clients on a strict diet and hard-core training schedule, who add a tone of supplements and sometimes, a pinch of anabolics. Three months later, and it’s done; easy money. 

Who else wants an Instagram worth six-pack for the price of their joints destroyed,  bodies wrecks, and organs failed? 

Not me.

I don’t believe in fast diets, calories counting or hardcore legs days after which you cannot walk for a week.

Instead, I will take you all way back to the basics. Yes, all way round. 

Together, we will learn the basic squat and push up. We will rediscover the full range in your joints to prevent that hip replacement in your 70’s. We will talk about correct nutrition and add more vegetables to your diet to impress your vegan kids. 

We will create a space for daily long walks in your busy schedule, and we will learn how to relax and recover. Sounds too simple? 

It’s should. It is that simple,  but it is not easy. Good habits are hard to create, but they will stay with you for life, and once you truly understand fundamental principles, you will realise that this is a life long journey, not three months stint.

And from that day, you will never need another personal trainer to tell you what to do. 

There should be a call for action now,  asking you to comment below with your email address so I can bombard you with free stuff. 

But it’s not me either. 

If you need help and guidance, you know where to find me.