How to train for 10km Swim – Marathon Swim Training Programme

10k swim training

Ok, this is how you train for 10K swim. Ready? Let’s go.

As you probably know, I’m in training for 10K race. I haven’t done 10K before. This is kind of new for me and I am going to share my experience and share my journey with you. I will be recording most of my training, and I will be sharing my updates, and I will be showing basically how this goes. So hopefully, in the end, I would be able to swim 10k, and I will learn along the way.

We’ve got roughly three months until the event, and some people ask me how I am going to train. The truth is, I don’t know because I haven’t done 10K swim yet! It’s going to be my first one. The longest swim I did was for 4K.

But I’ve got some experience in endurance training; I’ve done a couple of Ironmans, and I put my training program for those events. So I know the basics.
Obviously, in the Ironman, you’ve got three disciplines. So there is a difference, but the basics are kind of similar.

There will be one long day, and this one long day will start with around 2K, and it will be gradually making this swim longer and longer.

So that’s one thing. The second thing, it will be a speed day. So I don’t want only to go for long. I want to be able to swim fast. So I need to have a speed day somewhere during the week, and the speed will be mostly intervals. So it’s going to be 100, 200 meters intervals with some good rest in between.

Apart of those two swims, I will have probably one or two additional recovery swims where we’ll be just enjoying the water. On top of that, because my background is in strength and conditioning, I will make sure that I will do a lot of strength.

Strength will not help me to swim faster or better, but it will prevent any injuries.
Swimming is very repetitive. There’s a lot of shoulder movement, and many people who swim many problems with the shoulders. I want to prevent that. So we will be putting a lot of emphasis on making your shoulders strong and flexible, simple things like making sure the arm can go overhead without any problems, that you’ve got the full range in the shoulder, that your chest muscles are stronger, that the back muscles are strong.

So let me show you how do you plan your long swim.