My 2021 Triathlon Plans

It’s time to get honest with my approach to triathlon training and racing. The lockdown, and lack of racing last season has helped me to see the clearer picture and allowed me to take a step back and think. 

Those are my findings. 

  1. I like competing; this was true when I played handball, squash or lifting kettlebells, and it is still true now. 
  2. I love showing people the ropes, teaching them basics, motivate and encourage them, so they can experience something new, something they didn’t know it would be possible. 
  3. I dont like a typical endurance training; long comfortable endurance bikes rides or two hour long training runs are my worst nightmares. My body feels tired, and I think that I lose all the strength. Plus I don’t have that much time for training! 
  4. Even tho I dont enjoy long training, I still love the challenge of the long course triathlons like Ironman or Celtman. 

So, taking all those above into consideration, I am planning an experiment this year. I will ditch most of the long and slow stuff and focus entirely on high-intensity interval training. This should allow me to cut my training to around 3-4h per week, instead of 12-15h to focus more on coaching and other passions. If this done right, I should not see any dip in my performance. I might even see some improvements! 

There is no much literature about this approach. I have found only one guy, Andy Magness, who seems to doing this right. Check out his book, UltraMental

Do you know any other sources? Did anyone try this unorthodox approach.  Let me know, please!