Expectation vs Reality

One of the hardest things about triathlon training, at least for me, its this constant opportunity to compare me to others.

Do this often enough, and you will never be satisfied with yourself and your performance.I’m 90kg, 39 years old with a team sports background who thinks he can compete with athletes half his age and 30kg lighter. Sounds ridiculous when I’m writing it, but that’s a sad reality.

I’m far too optimistic, and the goals I’m setting are always way out of my league.I’m yet to find a solution. So far, I gave up on Strava, and I’ve limited my social media time. I also try to live by my new mantra “I’m doing this for myself, I’m happy where I am”.

And it works well until someone tries to overtake me on my leisure walk up the local hill. I guess, once a competitor, always a competitor.Is it only me?

Tell me what’s your biggest challenge in triathlon training!