Inactive, Overeating and Lazy.

fat, inactive and lazy
It’s ok to be inactive.
It’s ok to overeat.
It’s ok to feel lazy.
It’s even ok to seat for prolonged periods.
That’s our human nature, to preserve the precious energy, to sit when we can and to lay down when we dont need to sit, to store fat.
In the eyes of evolution, our one and only goal are to conceive and raise a new generation.
Once it is done, you are done.
It’s ok to die prematurely too; brutal but honest, that’s how we rolled for millions of years.
But if you disagree, if you feel there is something more to life than reproduction; if you have goals and dreams, I certainly do; you need to act, now.
You need to go against that strong instinct which keeps you in front of the tv, you need to start doing uncomfortable things. You need to start using your aversion to exercise and healthy eating as a guide. Go towards them, welcome and embrace discomfort.
This is the only way I know to gain a slight advantage in this uneven, stacked heavily against you, match of life.