Sprinting – Basic Warm Up and Sprinting Technique Explained

sprinting basics

Sprint plays a huge part in my weekly routine and is also included in our Fitness Soul Lean & Strong Challenge. It feels good moving fast and powerful. In this short article, you will learn how to sprint and how to warm up with my favourite sprinting warm-up drills.

Sprinting Technique Explainded

There are 3 distinct phases of sprinting: drive, maximum velocity and maintenance.

Drive – start and speeding up phase- lean with your whole body, don’t bend at the hips, the foot hits the ground behind the hips.

Maximum Velocity – at the end of this phase the max speed is achieved, you become fully erect, running tall without hips lowered.

Maintenance – The goal is not to continue accelerating, but to minimize deceleration.

Warm up

Never start sprinting without a good warm-up. Start with easy jogging, to gradually warm up the muscles. Then move into the drills and gradually increase intensity and speed. 


I know I am not the best sprinter in the world 🙂 and there is a lot to be improved in my technique. If you want to compare me to the world class sprinters, watch the last video! What differences have you noticed?


Maximum Velocity 

World Class Examples

Basic sprinting routine:

1. Warm-Up

2. Spring: 6×20 metres, 4x 40 metres, 2x 60m take up to 3 min between the run to fully recover. 

3. Jog to cool down.

TIPS: Try to sprint slightly uphill, 2-3% to minimalise the chance of the hamstring injury

Now you know how to warm up and start sprinting. Go out there and practice!




Bonus Video



If you want to learn more about sprinting mechanics, this video explains this very well!