5 Best Exercises for Time Poor Athletes

Hi coach, if I had minimal time for exercise, say 1h per week, what are the best 5 exercises I should choose and why?
Well, I hope this is just a hypothetical question. You should exercise at least one hour per day, not per week! Also, there is no best exercise. Everyone is different, and cut & paste workouts don’t work.
But if you really had one hour, first of all, I would avoid all sitting forms of exercise, like cycling. You sit enough, anyway! Do your exercise while standing, load the bones and tendons and engage as many muscles as possible.
My golden 5, the biggest bang for the buck five exercises would be:
Deadlift – the king of all, will take care of glutes, hamstrings, lower back and the grip.
Front squat – superb for front legs and core
Pull up – back, grip and arms.
Standing Overhead Press – shoulders, core, arms
Uphill Sprints – for insane cardio
Done. And now, no more questions, go and move!