Virtual Triathlon Camp 2020

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Virtual Triathlon Camp 2020

It looks like that 2020 triathlon season may not start at all. More and more races are cancelled or postponed, and the motivation for training is super low. That’s why we are launching #triathloncamp2020

#triathloncamp2020 is a six weeks virtual triathlon camp which will finish with a virtual race. 


You will get 

  • a first triathlon class coaching, 
  • livestream strength, mobility and trigger point pilates classes, triathlon programme, 
  • diet and mindset advice, 
  • direct contact to your coach, 
  • and access to the private group for motivation and accountability.


In 6 weeks you will not only get stronger and healthier athlete, but also you will learn a lot about yourself, about your weaknesses and strengths, and the training methodology and the best way of getting fit.

The programme is open for all; if you are seasoned athlete, you will appreciate an extra push and motivation, if you are starting, this will be a fantastic way to experience benefits of structured coaching and fun and camaraderie of the team environment.

#triathloncamp2020 is geared mostly towards the triathletes, but if you don’t have access to the body of water, or you don’t want/can not swim, that’s fine.
You can do our on-land swim programme or skip swimming altogether and focus more on running/cycling.

I want to keep the group very small. It will not be more than 8-12 people. This way, I will be able to make personal changes to your programme.
We will start with one to one chat, and then we will keep in touch so we can adjust the training volume and intensity to suit your specific goals.

Only 12 places.
The programme starts on 21st June with the race planned for 1st August.
The price is £129 or 6x£25. Money back if you decide it is not for you. 
The camp is run by Triathlon Coach Leszek Stelmachowski
and the Fitness Soul Team.

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