Minimalistic Van Conversion Transformation Part 1- Vivaro 2014+

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Minimalistic Van Transformaiton - Vivaro

Every so often, I feel an urge to travel and to see the world. Lucky for us, my wife was born with the same defect.

The force is powerful, and you cannot resist it. It had made us move to Spain first and then to Scotland, almost 15 years ago. Since then, nearly every penny we had we spent on travel: Vietnam, Bali, Indonesia, Thailand, Bali, India, Singapour, Srilanka, most of the countries in Europe, Crete, Morroco. But also closer to home, most of the island in Scotland, Outer Hebrides, Isla of Sky, camping trips to Highlands and the Borders to name few.

There is always something new to see, new people to chat, a new mountain to run and new sea to swim in.

For a few years, our main transport was a motorbike, my beloved Yamaha Frazer 1000. It was a perfect way of getting into unknown parts of Europe. Very quick and minimalistic. The trips were epic, like the one around the Baltic Sea or when we went to Athens.

The motorbike was great, and I was so lucky never have any crash. There were many scary moments, like riding on the other side of the road somewhere in Italy, and only Joanna’s cool head and her banging on my crash helmet made me realised my wrongdoing. Or going head to head with the lorry who decided to overtake on the double line, uphill in somewhere in rural Romania.

Torrential rain in Hungary, scorching sun of Croatia, the darkness in Serbia, no speed limits on the German motorway and the deafening roar inside your head when you fly 220km/h. Oh, boy, I loved it all!
But enough is enough; you can only cheat death so long.
So what do you do after selling the motorbike?
You buy a van!

After countless youtube hours, watching people buying, transforming and travelling with their vans, after saving money and spending them on something else, we pulled the plug, and just recently we have welcomed a beautiful dark Vivaro to our family.

We both decided that we want a minimalistic transformation, with zero unnecessary equipment. If you can travel for three weeks no-stop on the motorbike, you don’t need a sink or a toilet in your van!
From the very start, I knew I wanted to do it up myself. It was a perfect DIY lockdown project. Well, it still is, but we are almost there! 🙂

Minimalistic Van Conversion
Van Conversion
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