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Like many of you, I am a member of several running and triathlon groups on Facebook. Generally, those groups are great when I am looking for a race recommendation or a bit of motivation. But…

(Yes, I know, you been waiting for but!)

I like them mostly for the entertainment value!

You see, there is always someone there taking a photo of their calf, pointing one particular area and saying that they have pain in here, and they want to know how to stop it.
While there is nothing wrong with asking; it is the answers which always crack me up!

Most runners believe that the right shoes will fix the problem; any problem in that matter. I am not joking, go and check yourself!
Apparently, there is always a shoe which is designed to make your pain go away. It is that simple! If you don’t believe, go and ask in the specialized shop, just make sure you bring your credit card with you.

In the triathlon world, it is always a bike fit. It doesn’t matter that you are inflexible, weak and hold the lousy posture the whole day, slouching in front of the screen. Pay the guy, and he and his computer will find the right position for you so you can keep hammering miles upon the miles.

Another common solution is this miracle stretch, the one which helped them and their grandmother. Hold the stretch for 15s every third day, and you will be cured, forever. The tone professional and authoritative, the Latin words for the muscle are used, the descriptions are exact, and I am sure that intensions are good.

But… ( again!)

This little stretch you have borrowed from this famous runner on Instagram is like an icing on the cake; it is finishing touch, not the solution.
Your body is not made of parts. You are not a robot.
You can not fix the problem by focusing on details.

And no, for the hundredth time, the strength training will not make you big and slow.

But it is ok, you know better. Spend another £150 on a new pair of shoes, if this will make you feel better, just make sure they are shiny and have PRO in their description.

And then, when this fails you again, consider investing £19 for a course which will actually make you stronger and injury-free 🙂

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