…but how do you stay positive all the time?

Our coach Leszek shares his thoughts on being positive during the hard times.


In the last couple of weeks, I had a couple of dozen of Zoom calls with members of our club. Most of them seem to do well; they have adjusted to the new situation.

Some of them like the new way as they have more time for themself.
Many asked me how I stay positive all the time; they see me on social media and during our livestream classes; smiling, chatting, joking.

The truth is, I am not like this all the time. I have my dark moments; I feel sad; I feel small and vulnerable. And this is normal. I accept that; this is the dark side of being human.

What I do to feel better is different than the norm.

Instead of shutting down, drinking to oblivion and marathon watching Netflix, I force myself to take care of myself; I go for a run, do 100 pushups, go for a walk, cycle, eat nutrition meal.

Often, what feels like the last thing you want to do is your best next move. Try it; as my French friend says, we have only one life, and we ought to make most out of it!

Or you can be silly for a moment… this works too 🙂