a gentle slap to wake up (coronavirus update)


Like most of my friends, I observed and tracked the virus spread from the early days. First, as it was too far from home, I didn’t pay too much attention. I even joked about this from time to time, not taking things seriously. Then, after reading and listening to wise people, seeing the lockdown in Italy, I realised that we would all be affected, one way or another. It is no laughing matter anymore.

You might not go down with the virus, but your close ones might. We will all feel the effects; prices will rise, markets will crash. Hospitals will be full. Most vulnerable people will die—a worldwide tragedy.
Instead of panicking, it is an excellent time to remind ourself how fortunate we are, living in one of the wealthiest regions in the world.

But because we are so accustomed to the wealth, to the same-day delivery, to unlimited travels, paid holidays, that often we forget how lucky we are.

Let’s stay humble for a moment.

In the long shot, the coronavirus pandemic can be a turning point for many of us, like a gentle slap to wake up, to make us better, healthier humans.
We, obsessed with money, with buying, with blink-blink, we are quick to forget that we have only one body; the body that needs to last our lifetime, and that we cannot survive on our own.
You cannot avoid catching the virus, but you can get prepare.
Be kind to others. We are all in this together. Don’t stress over the trivia, invest in relationships, help others, support your community. Eat well; it often costs less than eating fast food. Exercise and move your body a lot. You don’t need a gym or personal trainer subscriptions, walk, run, swim, your options are endless. Take care of your recovery; sleep well.
It is never too late. If you haven’t started taking care of your body and mind yet, today is the best time!

Stay safe out there!