Thoughts for the end of the year.

end of the year
end of the year

The end of the calendar year is an ideal time to look back and to relieve the good things that happen to us in the last 12 months. Also, it is an excellent time to remind ourselves and learn from the mistakes we’ve made.

On a personal level, my goal for 2019 was to finish and place well in Celtman Xtri. I did both; I’ve finished strong and got the blue t-shirt but, as the appetite comes with eating, I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my performance. I feel crossed about this until this day.
Celebrating wins and giving myself a bit of slack is what I need to work on. Most of the people would not even consider taking part in Celtman. I did well, so why aren’t you happy you grumpy, competitive and dreaming too big bastard!

My other, more important, personal slash business goal, is to help people live a better, happier life.
Although that’s a life long pursuit, not define by the end date, 2019 was very good. Fitness Soul has grown again; Fitmamas has helped many dozens of mums to get active; Bootcamp was busy as always; my personal training business was booming, and the cooperation with Edinburgh Triathletes has brought me a lot of satisfaction. Strength training sessions have become popular with runners and triathletes who see massive benefits and lower injury rate. Add to the mix fantastic Duke Triathlon events we organised and cooperation with Thistle Padel, and I’m very content.

What’s new in 2020 you might ask. You better buckle up, we are planning to start January with a bang! The new booking system is in place, there is a new flagship program being introduced, and the Fitness Soul racing team is continuously growing. What is not to like?

And my personal fitness goal? Go under 10h in ironman race (or should I learn from the past and wish for a strong performance and don’t worry about the outcomes as I cannot influence them?) and help my team members to get to their best-racing shape possible.

Let’s bring in 2020; we are going to have a lot of fun again!