Strength Training for Runners and Triathletes – Where To Start?

strength training for runners

Strength Training for Runners and Triathletes

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So you want to start the strength training. Great. You’ve heard that the strong training is good for you, that it will make you better and faster runner and it will allow you to get injury free, but you don’t really know where to start. 

Well, you are not alone. For years and runs athletes have being told that the strength training will harm their performance, that they will become slower, that they won’t be as fast as they could be.  

Let’s just focus on basics on the mechanics of the movement. Let’s practice the big five: squat, hinge, pull, push and some core work. 

Then we’ll add some proper, proper strength heavyweights and explosive moment, but that this moment, all you need is a little bit of flour and the one kettlebell probably 16 kilo and something to hang from. So you’re ready? 

Let’s get started. It’s simple. 

The first one, squat. Can you do the squat? Well, you probably got some idea how to do the squat, but can you do this properly? Can you do this slow and in control manner are your back is straight. Can you keep the weight on the heels? Eh? Can you maintain the good posture? Well, do you breathe? Can you get your arms over head when you’re in, in the squat. So stamped shoulder width apart, feet, shoulders, width apart, feet parallel.

And try to use your hamstring to pull yourself down. Maintain strong, flat back, nice and tall spine and get yourself down. Can you get to 90 degrees? So your have are parallel to the floor. How’s your knees out of getting in? Do you see a moving in? Whether this is not good, push them out. What they about your feet or your arches collapsing? Well, you should do this without the shoes. So you can see artists, right? You got 90 degrees. Can you get lower than 90 degrees? How about getting asked to the grass as low as you can now. So this was squat. Now let’s see if we can do the hinge. So for the hint, we want to push the hips back as far back as possible, maintaining soft new, we not bending them and the movement comes from your glutes and your hamstrings.

So stick your bum out as far as you can. Keep your back straight. Lean back. That’s good. And just snuck back forward to standing position. Perfect. This is the hinge. Now let’s love this a little bit. So take the light kettlebell, uh, pick it up. Keep [inaudible], keep it on the right hand side and you’re gonna stay on the right leg. The left leg is not touching the floor and then he inch on this leg. Keep the right knee soft and all you have to do is just, just slowly hinge your body until your back and the back lay back leg is in parallel to the floor and you’re touching the bell and next to your ankle, stand up. You should be feeling your glutes. Perfect. You’ve got this. Okay, let’s, let’s try another one. This time it’s about maintaining the position you need. Have strong longer body when you swim and when you run.

Um, it’s crucial to be able to use our abdominals and our glutes to help the body keep the straight, keep the body being straight. So how are we gonna practice? We’re gonna get to the plank position. That’s the old plank position. Just get there and again, try to get the pounds under your shoulders. That’s perfect. And straight arms, long body. And from this, you should be filling your apps. If you don’t feel them, just pull back on your arms a little bit. That’s good. Okay. And now we do the push. So the push from the plank position, you want to just drop down to the push up all the way down. So lower yourself down and push up. Can you maintain the position throughout the movement if you can? Perfect. Good for you. So we had them push. Now we need the pool for the pool.

I like to do the pull up. There is one of the best exercises you can do. All you need to have, it’s a little bit, uh, a bar to hang from or it’s going to be a doorframe, whatever. So hung there. Can you just Hank? Let’s see. I see a lot of people not even being able to Hank, uh, from the bat. Just go that in Hank for a minute. See what you can do. Then after that, if you can hang, then you can start working to your two pull up. Great. And the last exercise, last thing we need to focus is the core. A lot of exercises here, but I would like to, I always like to go for the hardest one, the one which you have the most benefits from. And this is the whole body. So it’s like a gymnastic exercise with you go on your back, you bring knees to the chest, maintaining the flat back, eh, so you touching the back to your, to the floor all the time.

And then you try to extend the legs and arms. So you just hovering above the floor, I’ve been complete extended and you lower it back. It’s still flat. If you can hold this for two minutes, you are good to go. If not, there’s a lot of progression and regression you can do, right? So those are five most important human movements. You’ve got squat, you’ve got hands, you’ve got push and pull and some anti-rotation rotation stuff for your car, a practice dose. This is the base. If you can do them, then everything else is going to be much easier. Spent maybe two, three weeks of mustering them. Um, you can try to get progressions. If you want to see the links to the different videos, you can find them on my page. Probably somewhere under this video. And if you could any questions, just let me know and enjoy the process. 

You know, the process of getting strong is amazing. 

See you later.