Ironman Weymouth 70.3 – Coaching/Training Plans

triathlon coaching in edinbugh

triathlon coaching in edinbugh

Triathlon Training Plan for Ironman Weymouth

I reached out to Leszek after competing in a 70.3 in Aberfeldy and not being happy with my result. I signed up for Ironman Weymouth 70.3 because I wanted to better my time from Aberfeldy. The catch was, this would only allow for 3 weeks training and 1 taper week…

Leszek was well aware that this was going to be a challenge but this didn’t put him off taking me on! I met with him and we had a very long chat looking over all of the information/data I had from my previous race and we isolated where I could make the biggest improvements and we focused on this. For Leszek it was clear that my nutrition and my bike section of the race was wayyyyy off! We focused on this over the next 3 weeks with detailed training plans for the 3 disciplines with a main focus on the bike, as this was where my biggest gain could come from. He checked in with me every day after my sessions to see how they went and how I was feeling. This really helped me to stay on track.

We had another meeting prior to the race to go through my strategy and nutrition and this really helped settle my nerves. Throughout the entire training process, Leszek was mega helpful answering my hundreds of questions (literally hundreds…) and this ultimately lead to me not only beating my time from the previous race but smashing it!

Would definitely recommend him to other athletes looking to improve their training and fitness! Worth the money!

Thanks, Leszek!

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