Improve My Running

improve my runninng edinburgh

How I improved my running in short 6 weeks?!

From all the sports I have ever done, and I’ve done lots, from squash, football, handball to skiing and pole-vaulting, running was something I have never liked, purely because I was rubbish at it!
It seems that whatever I did, I wasn’t going faster. Recently I’ve seen a lot of improvement in my swimming and cycling but running… 

Forget it! 

And then I learn about Matt and his school of running.

And I did a course with him. And now my running form looks much better, and I feel like a runner, for the first time ever. I haven’t noticed a massive change in the speed yet, but to be honest, I wasn’t even trying. Speed will come, all I need to do is to make a new habit permanent, by running often but for short distances. 

I have learnt a lot of new exercises, targeting my glutes and shoulders mobility and further improving my running.
For the exercise geek like me, this is pure heaven! Now I will be able no only improve my own running, but also, as I triathlon coach based in Edinburgh, I will be able to help my athletes become stronger, faster and injury-free runners.

Go see Matt and say hello from the former “I hate running” guy.