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How To Prevent Injuries in Triathlon?

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Did you know that 9 in 10 of the triathletes reported overuse injury in the half-year before the triathlon (2011 Norse Xtreme Triathlon), and more than half reported overuse injuries that were severe enough to significantly limit their training?

The majority of injury cases in triathletes are due to overuse, we suffer from the knee, lower limb, lower back and shoulder injuries. 

The good news is that the strength training can reduce injury occurrence by half

50%,  It is huge! So why triathletes don’t do strength training?

The most common excuse for not incorporating triathlon training to the routine is time restraints & lack of knowledge. 

Other excuses:

  • triathletes didn’t know the right technique to undertake strength practice; 
  • triathletes didn’t know the type of exercises to perform; 
  • triathletes didn’t know how to progress the exercises in a strength training plan. 
  • lack of strength training programming by themselves or their coach, 
  • the cost associated with strength training
  • the dogma that strength training would make no change to performance or injury occurrence.

And what’s your excuse?

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