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In less than two weeks I will be competing, along with my team mates from Edinburgh Kettlebell Club and other girevoy sport fanatics, in on of the largest kettlebell competition in UK, GSU Glasgow Open.

Year ago I was completely new to kettlebell sport. Glasgow was my debut. I didn’t really know what to expect. I always had an assumption that weight lifting competitions are adrenalin and pain fuelled events with hostile atmosphere and people shouting and screaming for intimidation.

Well, luckily, kettlebells dudes are anything but above. Atmosphere is always great, everyone is so friendly and encouraging. I’ve done 101 yerks with 16kg and I almost killed referee during my snatch set when kettlebell slips away from my hand. Sorry ref!

I was first ever EKC member to stand on competition platform. Few guys come down to support me and to see what it is all about. They’ve all got hooked and later they signed up for next competitions.

As the kettlebell becomes more and more popular, our team is getting bigger and better. There will be 8 of us in Glasgow and few other folks train already for their debut at Competition in Manchester in April.

It was very good year for the club. From the only one class per week our timetable grew to 5 classes in two venues across Edinburgh. We also run very popular kettlebell boot camp each morning for those who look for fitness kick start.

We train hard and smart. We always put a lot attention to movement quality and technique. No cutting corners on warm ups, joints mobility and stretching. We must been doing it right as the was no reported injuries in 2013 (apart of few bruises on the forearms and calluses on the hands)

Big changes are coming this year. There is a big chance that in next couple of months we will moving in to our new permanent venue, the first dedicated kettlebell gym in Edinburgh. It’s still early days but I can assure you it will be the best gym in the town!

My personal goal is simple. I want to to keep getting better and by the end of this year pass my CMS Rank in LC. It’s going to be long way but I know I will enjoy every step!

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