Travelling, especially my favourite backpacking, is very demanding, for the body and also for the brain.

You cover a lot miles in short time; by bus, train, boat, tuk-tuk, bicycle and by foot. Each day you change the area, city or even country. You feel like a stranger most of time, everything around you is new.

When eventually you reach your hotel, often very late, you are tired, thirsty, hungry and exhausted.

After dinner and quick nap you feel like exercising a little bit but you cannot be bother with going out there in search of the gym. If you are in remote part of the world your chances for finding a gym are close to zero anyway.

So what you do?

You can still get amazing workout, using few very simple body weight exercises and few cool time protocols!

Below you will find a list of 5 best body weight exercises I use for my training during my travels.

(Photos has been shoot in Bangkok, at the top roof swimming pool, because even hardcore backpackers need a little bit of luxury from time to time! :p) Feel free to used them anytime! When in travel, on holidays, on lunch break!

5 best body weight exercises for travellers.

1. Push up

2. Squat 

3. Bridge

4. Quad Press

5. Table extention

 Thanks for reading. It’s time for a swim now :)

Stay tuned in because in next blog I will show you how to put those together creating amazing body weight only workout!