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It is so easy, we should just:

“Eat less, exercise more and stay away from fatty foods and you will drop weight and feel fantastic.”

So why we are so fat? And we are getting fatter each year?

If the above message is right (but it isn’t!! as you will learn below) there must be something wrong with us. We are either too stupid to follow the easy eating plan, or we have no willpower to stick to it,
we are living a busy life and we have no time, and so on…

Let me assure you, there is nothing wrong with us (at least 95% of us 🙂

It is a long story, I will make it short and to the point.

For many years people knew eating carbs makes you fat. And fatty meats and fish have been consumed by us for at least 2 million years with no problems.

Then, around 40 years ago, we started believing the fat causes heart disease. And from this point, it all went downhill. Infamous Food Guide Pyramid was introduced, which told us bread, pasta, cereal and rice should be a staple of our diet. Dietary fat should be avoided or at least limited.

And the effects? Obesity, diabetes, etc. are in their pick. Every day more people die from weight-related diseases than from any other cause.

So why have we decided to go completely against common knowledge which has been with us for hundreds of years?

This is where the scam begins. Probably one of the biggest scams ever. And for sure most profitable.

Industry corporations have discovered it is really easy to earn a lot of cash by producing and selling crap, high in carbs, fast food. Then, very quickly, doctors have “discovered” that carbs are actually good for us. Such a coincidence, isn’t it?

And then we have been brainwashed by adverts, tv commercials, governments, health authorities…

We have been lied to and we have believed it!!!


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