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Everyone can have a bad day, a time when you are feeling tired and sluggish, have no energy. You might feel that there is no sense in what you do and you are a waste of time and space, as you are not good enough, there are people better then you, you can never achieve that etc.

Don’t panic, you are not alone! I was there as well, and I will tell you how you can overcome it!
First of all, it is so important to ask yourself a question: what do I love, what gives me satisfaction and fulfilness in my life? Sometimes you know the answer right away, sometimes you need to look for it.
The transformation will not happen in one day. No, it isn’t that easy. But it isn’t very hard either. You just need to know where do you want to be and do it. Every day, step by step.
A few years ago I was in a job I didn’t like and I knew I have to quit. It was a hard decision, because of the mortgage, because of the secure job, because of the fears… 
I am so happy I have listened to my heart! I am a full-time coach and personal trainer now, I am helping others to feel, move and looks better. I am living my dream!
I am meeting amazing people on my way. Mentors, coaches, friends. They are there, always happy to answer my question and point me into the right direction. Pawel Widuto and Paul Grey, two fantastic coaches are one of them. We have just delivered our first workshop together and I know there will be many to follow. We have connected immediately. We have different backgrounds, but we sharing the same passion and love and that’s why we will be successful!
So listen to your heart and go for it! Now is the best time!


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