When it comes to the training, I am a big advocate of taking the baby step approach. Slow start, focus on the details, making sure that technique is spot on.

Then it is time to work on the volume I make sure I can keep perfect technique for a longer time. I only move to the next level, take a heavier bell or try a new, harder progression when my technique is 10 of 10; I am breathing naturally throughout and all the moves seem to be effortless, flowing.

Sometimes my ego wants to screams: go heavier, faster, now!!! It is tempting, but is it worth?
No, it isn’t. When you listen to your ego, will progress very, very fast. Many times too fast!!

Next thing you know you are injured, out of the training for a few days, weeks… All your hard work wasted, you need to start from scratch.

Slow, smart progressions aren’t spectacular. Nothing happens in one day. It is a methodical approach,  planned sessions, hard work and a smart recovery for weeks and months. But it works.
And you stay injured free.